The design of the living space was created by one of the most famous architectural bureaus — the Andrey Pashen'ko Workshop. After twenty years of life the studio has become the leading architectural bureau of Ukraine. The portfolio of the Studio consists of more than thirty author's projects of buildings, many of which became iconic and influenced the modern architectural appearance of the capital.

Linden. View from Kruhlouniversytetska, Str.

The success of projects in Ukraine brought the Studio to a new level and helped to obtain large state and private orders in other countries. To a large extent, the success of the Studio is granted by the approach of Andrey Pashen'ko who considers each project a unique combination of parameters: the location, the architectural context, the idea of the building and historical value of the surrounding structures.

A. Pachen'ko, the architect.


Linden. View from Kruhlouniversytetska, Str.

Linden. Сourtyard.

Linden. Terrace of residence.

Linden. View from Kruhlouniversytetska, Str.

Linden. Вид с ул. Круглоуниверситетской.