Multizone  centralized air conditioning system LG Multi V5. Each residence is already  connected to the system, what allows to preserve the aesthetics of the house  facade and also to avoid additional expenses and efforts on  self-installation. All you need is to specify how to dissolve communications  on the premises in accordance with your design project during the repair. In  cooling mode, the system operates with an outdoor temperature up to 48 degrees  celsius. Multizone system LG Multi V5 is currently one of the most energy  efficient in the world and able to work not only for cooling but also for  heating at any subzero temperatures.


An individual ventilation  system is installed in each residence and has no parallel in residential  buildings in Kiev and Ukraine in general. A central balanced ventilation and  air-conditioning system with a double degree of air purification keeps the  air absolutely clean always, regardless of the intensity of urban life. An  indispensable option for living in the center of the city.


In order not to depend on external sources of energy the house is facilitated with self-contained boiler-room  equipped by Veissman and surge-protected power supply. Each parking lot is fitted with EV charging station as well.


Triple water purification  system based on Ecosoft filters. Purification from iron, manganese, organic  and other impurities.Absolutely clean water,  suitable for drinking purposes.It also allows to extend the  lifecycle of household and sanitary appliances, ensuring the absence of raids  and scale.


Automatic monitoring and control solution for all engineering systems. Option of implementing a "smart home" system for each individual residence.


Each residence have special soundproofing for the comfortable stay of the owners. All the walls in the house are made of red ceramic brick, an environmentally friendly material from natural clay


The residential complex is equipped with modern fire extinguishing system, smoke vents and fire warning alarm system.


Hinged ventilated facade system.  The walls are insulated with 150 mm mineral wool layer. There is a slabs of  natural marbled limestone, decorated with milled decorative elements on the  outer part of the facade.Panoramic (from ceiling to  floor) glazing with aluminum systems by Reynaers (Belgium). Double-glazed  windows are filled with energy-saving inert gas Argon.



The complex is run by a professional property management company, whose task is the technical maintenance of the building and ensuring the comfortable life of the residences' owners.
Any technical inconveniences on the territory of the complex or in a residence are swiftly eliminated by qualified personnel.


Linden Luxury Residences provides the opportunity for the residences' owners to choose a telecommunication provider.


A special on-line utility billing system was developed for the complex to help save the time of the residences' owners.

service worthy
of your level


Linden residences begins from the majestic two-ceilinged lobby.The attentive receptionist always opens the door for you and welcomes you.24/7 concierge service carrying out your daily and extraordinary tasks as well, freeing you from unnecessary bother.


Почти каждая резиденция в Linden может быть обеспечена 2 машиноместами.
Все 252 машиноместа  имеют возможность для зарядки электромобилей.
Въезды в подземный охраняемый паркинг и радиусы поворотов рассчитаны на самые большие автомобили премиум-класса.


The privacy and secure of residence owners is our top priority. The territory is closed to outsiders and has an access control system for personal electronic passes. There are a security posts at all the entrances on the territory.The inner area and public zones are always monitored under video surveillance. Professional security Officers provide peace of mind and order 24/7, throughout the house and the surrounding area.


Cozy and stylish restaurant is a great place for a business lunch, celebration with friends or just a family dinner.You can order your favorite dishes and drinks in your own residence, or make pre-order before you came.This pleasure is available for our residents every day.


The exclusive lounge zone, designed by world-famous British designer Kelly Hoppen, has everything for your comfort: a large TV screen, a wealthy bar, a fireplace and luxurious designer furniture. Delicious tea, aromatic coffee, other drinks and desserts will perfectly brights the time of your or your guests' stay, while there presentatives of the service company solves your questions and carrying out orders. An ideal place to wait for guests.


There is a of full-fledged park on the roof of the Linden luxury residences: Green lawns, living trees, places for walking and relaxing with family and friends, a spa area and a barbecue zone.A real park zone on the roof of a luxury residence in the heart of Kiev with breathtaking views on Khreshchatyk,Maidan, the House with Chimeras, St. Michael and Vladimirsky Cathedrals and many other historical monuments of the city. Truly luxury available just for Linden residents.


For the youngest’s Linden  residents, there is a playing room, which will definitely not leave your  child indifferent. Fun educational games in a safe location and attentive  babysitters will give your child joy and comfort, and a peace of mind and  time to perform urgent tasks for their parents.


The conference hall is designed for business meetings and dinners. The hall is designed for comfortable accommodation of 12-14 people.

It is also equipped with special technical means for holding presentations and online conferences.


The complex provides special rooms for temporary stay of private security guards and residents' personal drivers for the maximum convenience of Linden residents.


Linden residences propose the opportunity to visit a VIP cinema with 12 seats with family and friends. The cinema is equipped with a 6 meter screen, 4K Ultra HD projector, Dolby Atmos sound and special chairs.Enjoy watching your favorite movies in a circle of loved ones just by taking the elevator to a private cinema. You can select the film from the library, or order any other desired film.


A unique service for Linden residents -luggage storage for your fur products. Special storage with the necessary lighting and climate regime in which your furs are safety stored. Properly keeping of fur in the off-season preserves its appearance, quality and heat-shielding properties.


Each residence in the complex is provided with at least onestore room, which is located on the underground floors.Additional store rooms with the area of 10-20 sq.m. are available for storing overall or not frequently used items, sports equipment, car tires, etc.

FITNESS and spa

400 sq.m. space for health, tonus and beauty.The private fitness room is equipped with the latest  cardio training machines, modern complex gym equipment for all muscle groups, a free weights zone and a yoga studio.The spa area with premium Italian Starpool equipment includes sauna, Roman steam room, a salt room, an impression shower and a massage room.Linden residents always healthy, beautiful, in great physical shape and excellent mood.